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Paranormal fantasy fiction for adults.
The unimaginable horror of awakening in a pool of congealing blood shattered Sarenka's hopes for a rescue.

Now a murderer her pathetic existence as a drugged captive was about to come to an abrupt finish on the end of a rope.

Neither her lack of memory nor her sensual Freni-Kyn illusion abilities would get her out of that sure death. She's a cold blooded murderer with a price on her head.

Forced to seek help from one of her despicable captors, Sarenka is trapped by the same city in which she sought refuge.

Burmtin: a city known for the monstrosity of swallowing the innocent, drug trafficking, and other horrific crimes.

A city to hide yourself in.

Or be caught.


A Savory Sampling
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This novel is intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 years old to purchase.

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~~~~~~Chapter 1~~~~~~

Dyroap~~The Llayentia equivalent of money. Thin oval shaped loops of 7 metals engraved with symbols for the 7 races of Kyron's Worlde.

Blinding hot fingers of consciousness began an ever creeping advance into Sarenka's mind. First dawning of awareness brought the aches that always accompanied the morning after a night with... She curled her body protectively and felt the pull of the ever present manacle and chain. Her stomach turned at the thought of what had surely happened as she began running a mental assessment. No opening the eyes yet. No letting them know I'm awake. Sore yes, but not as bad as usual. Some mornings her body was colored black and blue with bruises. This was a good morning.

The hardness of a wooden floor crept through the clinging fingers of a drug induced stupor. I shouldn't be on a floor. I should be lying on my cot, clean and bandaged, not...sticky...and smelling like...

Sarenka's eyes snapped open. Her masters glazed eyes stared coldly back. She made a sudden jerking motion away as revulsed horror filled her. The lights of her dark brown freni-kyn hair sparked into a wild kaleidoscope of colors.

Oh Kyron no! I did it! I finally did it! I killed the bastard! She shook her head, throwing off bits of pale floating light as full awareness of her predicament sunk in. But not like wasn't supposed to happen like this. Frantically pulling at the chain she looked at the key hanging across the room. Damn him! I have to get that key. I can't be here when they find him. Her eyes raked over the broken body lying at unnatural angles in a pool of congealing blood. No clothing, no tools, nothing. A shudder ran through her voluptuous form. Not for the killing, he deserved to die, but to have done so much damage and have no memory... And now she was trapped, chained here with his body.

Gut wrenching pain stabbed her eyes as she began sitting up. Fine boned hands flew to her temples as she squeezed them shut and fought off the morning after nausea of the foreveron drug. A single pain-tear ran from the corner of one exotically slanted eye before she forced them back open. I have to get out of here...worry about the foreveron anti-dote later. I'm dead if... She bent over her ankle, and slicing a razor sharp freni-kyn fingernail across the skin, began working the blood around the metal band. Maybe if I rub it enough I can slide it off. Not that it's ever worked before. The multitude of scars lacing her ankle stood testimony to those failed attempts, that and the constant rubbing of the metal. But that was before they starved I stand a chance.

Footsteps sounded outside the door and Sarenka froze. Oh Kyron no! Please don't let them find me. She gave the manacle a last desperate twisting tug as the door swung open. The guard entering halted with his foot stranded in mid-air and a shocked look planted across his rugged face. Sarenka released the metal and stared at the man, frozen in uncertainty. Recovering, he stepped inside with quick sure movements and silently shut the door behind.

"Well, the vapoor bastard finally got what was coming to him, did he?" his deep voice muttered out.

"I didn't do it on purpose. I woke up and found him. Please, you know I didn't. Please help me," Sarenka plead, all the while knowing the hopelessness of her request.

The guards hand rubbed in a distracted manner over the scruff of his night old beard. He looked tired and almost compassionate and for a moment Sarenka's hopes climbed. "No I don't suppose you did. Not that they'll care." He shook his head, "I can't let you go. If I do they'll think I did it."

Sarenka wet her lips and tried the only thing that had kept her alive the last six months. "Please I'll do anything. Anything. Just let me loose. They'll kill me."

"Anything?" the man's face turned thoughtful as his finger traced the pale edge of a jagged scar running along his angular jawline. He took in her sensual hour-glass figure hungrily; despite the blood and bruises she was gorgeous. A freni-kyn; the living breathing standard of beauty in all of Llayentia...bred to be...or so it was said. His eyes swung to the single key hanging on a nearby hook and he scooped it up. "For this key you'll do anything?"

"Yes." Sarenka let out in a whisper.

He glanced at the door and threw the bolt before starting across the room. "I'll let you go girl but first you're going to do for me what you've done for..." his foot kicked at the stiffening body in front of him.

Sarenka's hair swayed about her head and the lit tips settled into embers of red as she stared up at the man's face. Hatred raced through her in a sudden overwhelming rush. She wouldn't! Not ever again, not unless it was by her choice. Her head shook its denial, throwing tiny sparks of red, and the man held up the key, dangling it outside her reach. "Your choice girl, satisfy me or I turn you in. You'll be dead within the week, I expect."

Knowing that the fully dilated slits of her pupils would betray her, Sarenka lowered long thick lashes to hide the strength of her rage filled emotions. Her eyes caught on the extensive raking slashes that laced across her masters body and the streaks of drying blood. Sure, I'll satisfy him...I'll do whatever it takes to get out of here... "Okay." she mumbled without lifting her head and listened to the unmistakable metallic sound of a belt unlatching.

"Hurry up," the man grated out, "If I'm to get you out of here then we have to make this quick."

Steeling herself against what she was about to do, Sarenka carefully avoided eye contact as she looked up at the man and swallowed. She hated this; the vileness of it—of how low she had been forced to stoop. Rising to her knees, she slid a hand up his leg till she cupped his testicles within her palm. As her mouth lowered she felt his body start to tense with needful expectation.

D'trav watched as her head lowered. Finally...finally I'll have the sensuous freni-kyn least in part. His eyes slipped closed in anticipation when the stabbing pain of five long blade-like nails shot through his groin. He let out a muffled shriek and yanked backwards, causing himself more pain as her fist clenched. His hand swung towards the woman's face but her words stopped him in mid strike.

"You do and I'll slice them off," Sarenka spoke with cold intention. His hand automatically moved towards the blade at his waist but halted when the pain intensified as she pushed her razor sharp nails in further. At his sudden stillness she added, her voice laced with sarcasm, "The master liked my nails. But you won't have to live with being a eunuch for long. Your screams will draw the guards. When they arrive they'll think you killed him. You'll be the one who hangs."

Shock ran through him. Son of a...her claws aren’t clipped! His eyes flitted from his captive balls to the cut streaked body lying next to him. Kyron! No wonder he's dead! He had to have been insane...leaving razor sharp nails intact on a freni-kyn foreveron-slave.

"Gently now, and keep your movement slow, undo the manacle."

Like I have a fucking choice...not that I blame her...hell...if I was her I'd've struck like a d'yroap-bird after a loop...ripped them from my body, forced them down my throat and then slit it without a second thought...

D'trav's hands fumbled with the blood encrusted manacle while she pressed her nail-tips into his body with enough painful pressure to remind him of his danger. He pushed back down the temptation to make a break as a drop of his blood landed on the ground with a solid splat in the quiet of the room. A cold sweat broke over him. Her threat was real. She could castrate him in seconds with those claws. And if that wasn't bad enough, there would be no excuse for being unclothed with a slave. It would appear, just as she said, that he was the killer. He would die before he could exact his long awaited revenge... And that can’t happen...all my sacrifices...Elsa's death...would be for nothing.

The manacle clanked open and she reached out to rub the now free ankle with her other hand. "Okay now put it on."

"You fucking vespra-lanir bitch. They'll think I killed him."

"No they'll think I killed him, and I did. It'll be up to you to come up with a story as to how I got the key. Do it now or lose them." She let her nails sink in a sliver and smiled in satisfaction at the frozen pain reflected in his face as blood dripped down her fingers in a thin stream. A groan of pain escaped his throat as he bent to move the manacle to his own booted ankle. Her nails slipped at the awkward movement and he gasped in pain for a frozen heartbeat of time till she released the pressure enough for him to continue.

"Take the boot off," she snapped out.

He did so and she threw it towards a distant corner. The solid clank of the manacle snapping shut on his ankle brought a smile to her full lips and with a sudden backwards jump she threw herself across the room. D'trav let out a muffled shriek and hunched over. When he was finally able to pull his hand free it was covered in blood. Concern raced through him but, besides the four other puncture wounds, it was only one long cut, he would survive.

Sarenka ignored the guard's wild scrabble to examine himself as she rummaged through a nearby wardrobe. "Take the sword off and toss it near the door," she commanded without turning. A man's trousers, tunic and shirt were yanked on without regard for style or was a poor miss-matched outfit, but that didn't matter. She was nearly free of this Kyron forsaken hell hole which had become her life for the last six months. The guard glared at her from under furled eyebrows as he threw his scabbard and sword towards the door then began gently closing his trousers.

Sarenka spared him a glance while pulling on the woven tunic. "Don't worry; I'm going to leave you the key. If you work fast you should be out of here within a few minutes of my escape. I suggest you make a run for it since they'll be looking for at least two people. Everyone knows he never leaves the key within reach. Which means I had help. And since you were on night shift, D'trav, that makes you the logical choice." Sarenka searched through her master's hung clothing. "Damit!" She turned back to the guard. "Toss me your d'yroap pouch. And be easy with it or I'll take the key with me."

The guard fumbled at his waistband as a string of curses flowed out from under his breath.

"What's that? Did you just call me something particularly vile and smelly?" Sarenka asked with an edge of threat to her voice.

His lips flattened into a compressed line as he tossed the bag towards her feet. The muffled sound of metal ovals rung out. Sarenka scooped up the leather pouch, weighed it in her palm and gave the man a sickening-sweet smile, "Nice. Just get paid?"

"Look, I can help. Let me go with you. I'll help you get away."

She let out a jeering laugh, "Yeah, just like you wanted to 'help' me earlier? No thanks, I've had enough of that kind of help."

She stared at the man a moment, considering her options. She needed to buy time but didn't want to leave him to die. He was just a guard, might even be a slave too for all she knew, and he'd never beaten or used her like some of the other guards. "Strip and throw your clothing into that corner; everything but your belt." The man obeyed, holding back yet another string of curses. If he was discovered like this not only would he look guilty but he would look the fool.

Sarenka watched with narrowed eyes as he bent to push his trousers onto the length of the chain. So not a slave; no telling inks across his back. She took in the trousers and gave her shoulders a quick shrug. Going in close enough to slice those free of the chain was too risky. Calculating the distance, she dropped the key onto the ground.

"Use the belt to get it closer," she threw over her shoulder while slipping out the door.

The first vestiges of early morning light spilled through the long narrow doorways creating pools of light and shadow. A hush lay over the manor. It had not awakened, but it soon would and she needed to disappear. Fast. Her heart pounded against her ribs as unfamiliarity with the layout caused near panic to strike. A multitude of doors and none looked like the way out. She started racing down a left side branch and glancing into a room made a sudden grab at the door-frame with an out-flung hand. Her body jerked to a halt, nearly throwing her into the wall as she let out a grunt of relief. A tranquil garden view through the large paned window beckoned with freedom. She squinted against unaccustomed brightness while slipping out the window. The headache she had been ignoring came to the forefront in a sudden rush, pounding out its rapid rhythm along with her heart. Almost free it seemed to shriek.

Her face shifted in the light, losing its tell-tale heart shape and lengthening into a standard h'euman one while her hair fell to her shoulders in a solid dark mass, shedding its characteristic freni-kyn lights. Not much of a disguise and she knew it. Finding a way to get rid of the blood before someone smelled it would become paramount if she didn't get out the main gates immediately. In the mean time the illusions would keep her safe from discovery, just like they always had...when she chose to use them.

Sarenka raced across town for the city gates. Time to flee this evil city, find a different, safer, place to settle down in. Quickly, before they discovered the body. The echoing clamor of the tower warning bells clanged out and she skidded to a halt. Turning to a street vendor as though just remembering to purchase something she chose a roll at random, buying it with D'trav's ovular loops of metal. It was too late. She was pinned within this city as surely as though someone had staked her to it, like a butterfly set against velvet, left to die. Temptation to give into frustrated tears lashed at her but she pushed them back. For now she needed a hiding place. Turning towards the seamier side of Burmtin, Sarenka set out. She would survive. No matter how detestable her life might become. She would find a way to survive.

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The rich imagery of Kyron's Worlde will twist you about, leaving you gasping with surprise.

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E.S. Tilton
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Foretold can be found here. More about the author behind Kyron's Worlde: Foretold can be found here.

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The wonderful cover art for Foretold and the Kyron’s Worlde logo were created by award winning artist Karen Swaty. Samples of her digital art are also featured throughout this website. Many thanks Karen for all her help!

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Future Delights
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Several more books that continue the story of Foretold are in the works. A book which explains Tahrek has been rough drafted and should be finished within the year. Another book about the Seven seers from the first Foretelling and several short stories are in planning stages.

Artistic renderings of the 7 Races and some of the half-breeds.

Time-line for the 'histories'.

Gaming stats for the 7 races.

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