What? Ye nay be a know’n wat be a dyroap? Well than ye should give all yer loops ta me an be done wit it. I kin tell by tha confused look on yer face ye still donnay know what I be a talkn’ about. So I’ll be thinkn’ ye be a needn’ a wee bit o’ language lessoning.

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This is a sample of what is included in the glossary:

Crenth nectar A light fermented beverage made from the crenth fruit.

Dewberry dye Deep purple dye obtained from the dewberry.

Drell storm Frigid sever winter storm.

D’yroap coin of Llayentia. The frevell working with the glidarth developed a monetary system based on a series of metal ovals called d’yroaps, nicknamed rings, loops, and o-links. The metals, in order of increasing value were copper, silver, gold, breyt, riseen, airnelk, nighshk. The oval shaped rings of metal were further engraved with a symbol representing each race. Each loop had embossed upon its inner edge a series of animals. The choice of animal value was done by the luck of the draw by the seven rulers.

In the end the oval shaped rings of metal were, in increasing value: Copper star (freni-kyn), silver wave(watrelk), gold arrow (sharpra), riseen tree (m'hakru), breyt gavel (frevell), airnelk wing (glidarth), nighshk map (human).

Because of the weight of carrying massive amounts of d’yroaps for large purchases, gems were added to the ovals to create higher value. So a silver oval with a wave design might be worth a hundred copper stars, unless it was set with a ruby, in which case it might be worth more than a gold. Though the system was complicated it served the people’s well.

D’yroapbird Bird named for its tendencies to sweep down and pluck d’yroaps from the
hands of merchants, the white feathers began to be sold when the merchants vowed revenge and caused the birds to become rare.